Charitable giving

You can get tax relief on gifts to UK charities if you give under Gift Aid or through a Payroll Giving scheme or by making a gift of shares or land. We outline the reliefs available.

Child Benefit charge

Information regarding the High Income Child Benefit charge which applies to taxpayers who have income over £50,000 in a tax year where either they or their partner receive Child Benefit.

Dividends and interest

The rules for taxing interest and dividend income significantly changed with effect from 6 April 2016. This factsheet considers the new tax rates and the introduction of the Savings and Dividend Allowances.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

We look at how qualifying companies can get access to equity investment from new and, in some cases, existing shareholders.

Individual Savings Accounts

ISAs are tax-exempt savings accounts available to individuals.

Non-domiciled individuals

An introduction to the taxation in the UK of income arising outside the UK for non UK domiciled individuals.

Personal tax – self assessment

Under self-assessment an individual is responsible for ensuring that their tax liability is calculated and any tax owing is paid on time. We summarise the rules and penalties for failing to comply with your obligations.

Personal tax – when is income tax and capital gains tax payable?

We look at the area of self assessment, the responsibility for this and also the rules and penalties to be aware of.

Property investment – buy to let

We consider what the key areas of for investing in property, looking at rental income, along with all the other costs and outgoings.

Property investment – tax aspects

Investment in property continues to be a popular form of investment. On the basis that the investment appears to make commercial sense what tax factors should you take into account?

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

This is an area that usually appeals to start up companies, and those that invest within them. We look at why this is the case and what to consider.

Statutory Residence Test

The Statutory Residence Test provides, through a series of tests, a definitive process to determine the UK residence status of any individual. That status applies for income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax purposes.

Taxation of the family

We look at how family members and structures can affect tax purposes.

Venture Capital Trusts

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) offer similar to breaks to individuals as the Enterprise Investment Scheme. They provide an opportunity to invest in unquoted trading companies via a VCT thus spreading the investment risk over a number of companies.